WWE News: The Miz Will Miss Extreme Rules Due to MLB Celebrity Softball Game on July 15

The Miz is not involved in any storyline on the WWE Smackdown Live brand heading into Extreme Rules next Sunday, July 15. It’s interesting because his new reality show on USA Network, Miz and Mrs., debuts later this month, so you would think that WWE would want to feature him more. Nope. It’s not happening.

It was revealed on Friday by The Miz that he’s taking part in the Major League Baseball Celebrity Softball game during All-Star weekend in Washington, DC. The celebrity game takes place on the Sunday night, which is the same time as Extreme Rules. Here’s The Miz announcing the news.

Is there a chance that he could be used at Extreme Rules by flying from Washington (where the game is) to Pittsburgh where Extreme Rules is? I guess so, but it seems unlikely.

The Miz should be featured heavily going into SummerSlam in August since that’s a major show and he’s one of the top heels in the company. Is it time for The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan? I think the timing is perfect for a SummerSlam showdown between them.

Good luck to The Miz in the celebrity softball game. Hit some dingers! That means home runs, by the way.