WWE News: “The Man” Becky Lynch Invited to Raw by the McMahon Family

Becky Lynch, who is currently suspended on WWE television due to her refusal to have a (worked) left knee injury checked, is back on Monday’s Raw in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Here’s how is promoting the appearance from “The Man” Becky Lynch:

Becky Lynch sent both the McMahon Family and the WWE Universe into a tailspin last week when she punched Stephanie McMahon on Raw and then slapped Triple H on SmackDown LIVE. The Man’s hostility stemmed from being suspended by Stephanie, a verdict that will stand until she gets her left knee examined.

However, now, after being on the receiving end of The Irish Lass Kicker’s attacks, Lynch has been invited to Raw by the McMahon Family for the second straight week. Will Becky’s rash actions of a week ago have an impact on either her suspension or her anticipated WrestleMania clash against Ronda Rousey for the Raw Women’s Championship?

As mentioned there, last week on Raw, Becky attacked Stephanie McMahon when she was told she had to get her leg checked. There was also a moment where Stephanie was trying to defend herself and she kicked Lynch in the injured left knee, which was played up a lot on Smackdown.

On Smackdown, Lynch emerged through the crowd, was not held back by security at all even though she’s suspended and was taunted by Charlotte Flair. Triple H showed up, told Becky to leave and when Becky asked Hunter how Stephanie was, he fired back at her. Hunter said he thinks Becky is scared to get her knee checked and she’s scared of Rousey.

No matches have been announced for Raw as of this writing, but there will likely be something announced in the next day or two as usual on the weekend.

TJRWrestling: I thought both Lynch segments were good with Triple H’s promo being the best of them all. I think suspension storylines are lame and lack believability in today’s wrestling world, but it’s a tactic WWE has used for decades to get sympathy for the face wrestlers. The same thing happens with an injury angle.

Since they are saying that the McMahon Family is inviting Lynch to Raw, maybe this week she’ll get to beat up Vince and/or Shane McMahon too!

I have joked for weeks that WWE is using the “Stone Cold 101 Booking Playbook” with Lynch. Beating up the McMahons is what Stone Cold did, especially Vince. Perhaps she will destroy a car, maybe load up a Corvette with cement or drive a zamboni into the building! It’s certainly possible since Vince loves going back to what worked in the past.