WWE News: Team Hogan vs. Team Flair 5 on 5 Tag Team Match Announced for Crown Jewel on Oct. 31

The first match was announced for WWE’s Crown Jewel 2019 event on October 31 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It will take place at King Fahd International Stadium just like last year’s event. It’s Halloween and it’s a Thursday, which should give the WWE superstars time to get back to America for Smackdown on November 1 in Buffalo. If not, then WWE will have to book other people to be featured more on Smackdown that week. There have been no women’s matches on WWE’s Saudi Arabian events, so I would expect the women wrestlers to get more of spotlight on that Smackdown.

Here’s a poster for the show.

The event will be broadcast on WWE Network like previous WWE events in Saudi Arabia. On it says 8pm start time in Riyadh, which would mean a 1pmET/10amPT start time here in North American because there’s a seven-hour time difference. Typically, the WWE events in Saudi Arabia run for about four hours.

During the Miz TV segment on Raw last night, it was announced that Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan (the two guests on Miz TV) will captain teams in a 5 on 5 tag team match. Flair and Hogan will not be wrestling, but it wouldn’t shock me if they did some comedic physical spot like Flair doing chops and Hogan doing some weak looking punches to knock Flair on his ass. They need to be careful considering health issues that both men have had.

Hulk Hogan’s team will be captained by Seth Rollins and Rusev will also be on it, so that’s the babyface team.

Ric Flair’s team will be captained by Randy Orton and “King” Baron Corbin will also be on it, so that’s the heel team.

They have 30 days to figure out the rest of the teams, so there is no rush.

I thought it was a very good segment with the crowd coming alive for Flair and Hogan’s promos. It looked like Ric and Hulk had a blast in the ring together again and they played off eachother well.

Give the Impact Wrestling Twitter account some props because they did a Team Hogan vs. Team Flair match at Lethal Lockdown 2010.

Everybody in that photo is under contract to WWE now except James Storm and Rob Van Dam although obviously Sting, Flair and Hogan are not regulars. Jeff Jarrett and Abyss work backstage. Desmond Wolfe is Nigel McGuinness, who is a NXT announcer. Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode are still wrestling even though Hardy is injured right now.

That’s all for now. We’ll have Crown Jewel updates throughout the month.