WWE News: Superstar Shakeup Will Take Place on April 15 and 16 in Montreal

It was announced during a commercial break of Raw here in Canada that WWE will be doing their annual Superstar Shakeup on Monday, April 15 on Raw and Tuesday, April 16 in Montreal. Both events will take place at the Bell Centre. It was actually called an “International Superstar Shakeup” to push the idea that it’s taking place in Canada.

The promo notes that Raw and Smackdown superstars will be there, so there will likely not be a Smackdown live event on April 15th.

WrestleMania takes place on Sunday, April 7th, so that means the Superstar Shakeup will start just eight days after WrestleMania to begin the new “season” of WWE.

Thanks to my fellow Canadian John Pollock of Post Wrestling for posting the video of the announcement.

Analysis: It would be a good way to bring back Montreal’s own Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn from their injuries, but both guys may be back on TV before that. The Montreal crowd is one of the best in WWE< so it should be a memorable couple of nights.