WWE News: Sting Talks About Being Inducted In WWE’s Hall Of Fame, His Health And More today published an interview with this year’s main entrant into the WWE Hall of Fame, Sting. He spoke about the induction and his in-ring future. The full interview can be found at this link, but below are some highlights from the interview:

It had been reported that you were diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Is that diagnosis now inaccurate?

“I am not saying that is inaccurate. I’m agreeing there probably is spinal stenosis or cervical spinal stenosis. I have had certain doctors tell me, ‘You know, so many athletes of all ages, they’ve got this. They deal with it to some degree or another.’ I had one doctor here tell me, ‘You’re fine, you’re okay — you don’t have anything to worry about.’ And then wrestlers say, ‘I’d see this doctor.’ ‘No, I’d see this one over there.’ I’m telling you, it’s just craziness. So I’m thinking, as long as I’m feeling good, why am I going to do anything? And the one thing everyone has said is don’t go under the knife unless you absolutely have to.”

Had you not had this injury setback last September, do you think we would have you seen performing at WrestleMania this year? Or, is that just too tough a question to answer because of all the variables?

“Oh no, it’s an easy one to answer: Yes. If I had my way, yes, of course. I would have loved to have done one more WrestleMania and I would have called it quits at that point. The Undertaker match — that’s what I wanted to do. ”

Now that we are only a few weeks out, are you starting to get excited for your WWE Hall of Fame induction?

Oh, absolutely. I got a really good taste of WrestleMania Weekend and what it’s all about last year, and you don’t really understand the scope of it unless you’re actually in it and participating in it — whether you’re a fan, Superstar or behind the cameras. But yeah, everywhere I go people are talking about the Hall of Fame. This is huge. I mean, American Airlines Center sells out in one day? It’s crazy.

Is it kind of strange for you think about that after all of these years being the franchise of WCW, that you are going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

It is and that can be shocking if you think about it. After all the years — let’s just say decades — I end up at WrestleMania last year, have a WWE World Heavyweight Title Match against Seth Rollins and then enter the Hall of Fame, all under WWE’s umbrella. Who would have ever guessed? I really wouldn’t have. And, especially now, knowing the depth of the WWE Hall of Fame and the significance of it. It’s way bigger than I ever thought that it was. I knew it was big, don’t get me wrong, but this is just enormous. As I understand it, Vince likes to treat this just as importantly as WrestleMania.

Ski’s Take – The entire interview is very frank and candid, and also shows us what could have been. If Sting was fit and healthy, it’s very likely that it would be him in Shane McMahon’s spot at WrestleMania 32. Would it be a draw? Very possibly but in all seriousness, it might have been a very poor match. Two mid 50 year old, part time guys on the grandest stage of them all, trying to show the young bucks (no pun intended) that they’ve still got it…..We might have honestly missed a bullet there.

And in regards of his spinal stenosis, I hope he thinks long and hard about a possible return to the ring. Edge bowed out due to the same diagnosis, and by all accounts Sting’s doesn’t sound as severe. A return to the ring could tip the scales against him, and going under the knife could be inevitable.