WWE News: Statement from Boston Mayor Means August 21-24 SummerSlam Events Will Not Take Place in Boston

This year’s WWE SummerSlam event was going to take place at the TD Garden in Boston on Sunday, August 23. That was the plan anyway. It also meant that Smackdown on August 21, NXT Takeover on August 22 and Raw on August 24 were going to be in Boston, but it won’t be happening.

As is the case with a lot of events this year, plans are changing due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic that has caused a lot of public events to be canceled. Today, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh issued the following statement about large events in Boston not taking place until at least September 7.

“We are planning a healthy re-opening and an equitable recovery process—as soon as the health data tells us it is safe. But we do not envision a point this summer when it will make sense to have large crowds gathered in close contact for prolonged periods. I can announce that parades and festivals will not take place this summer in the City of Boston, up to and including Labor Day on September 7. For smaller events, we will be looking at them on a case-by-case basis as we move through the summer months. If your event brings crowds together in close contact–like a concert, a road race, or a flag raising– you should start looking at alternatives now.”

I’ve included the tweets below as well.

This news isn’t a surprise. There are WWE events getting canceled all the time including international tours and house shows. We don’t post about them because obviously most of you understand the situation the world is in right now.

There’s no new information out there that suggests WWE is going to hold events in front of a crowd or in a place other than the WWE Performance Center in Orlando (or maybe Full Sull University) in the near future. Things might change when there’s a vaccine or something to allow some fans to attend shows. For now, we should just assume most WWE events will be at the WWE PC for the foreseeable future.

There has been no statement from WWE on the official location of SummerSlam, nor do we know about refunds for tickets. As the mayor said there, “make alternatives now.” It’s a phrase all of us are dealing with these days.