WWE News: Spoiler Notes on Taping of Wyatt vs. Orton “House of Horrors” at Payback

*NOTE: The post contains a Spoiler, but does not give away a match result.*

The WWE Payback event takes place tonight in San Jose, California. It will air on WWE Network with the main show at 8pmET with the Kickoff Show starting at 7pmET. One of the main matches on tonight’s show is Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton in a “House of Horrors” match. Remember, Orton’s WWE Title is not on the line here.

What is a House of Horrors match? We didn’t really know, but there are now some details about what will happen. Here are some notes courtesy of Dave Scherer at PWInsider.

– The match will be a mix of part of the match taking place in a house and the other part will be live in the arena.

– The match will begin in an actual “House of Horrors” that was taped. It includes over ten minutes with Orton arriving in a limousine to meet Wyatt at this house.

– Their battle begins with them fighting in a house including a room featuring some kids dolls in it. There aren’t more details about other parts, but most likely other “scary” aspects to it. Scherer noted that they filmed over ten minutes of footage in the house.

– When the battle ends up in the kitchen, Wyatt finds a way to trap Orton and hijacks the limo leading to them driving to the arena for the live show today.

It doesn’t say in the report, but I assume the house part was taped last night somewhere in the San Jose area.

TJR Thoughts: It’s going to be pretty silly watching a match in a house tonight, but that’s what will happen. Let’s just hope it’s not too silly.

I’ll be back later tonight with a live review of WWE Payback.