WWE News: Six Recent Name Changes for New NXT Stars Including Shane Strickland, ACH and More

The WWE name change generator is at it again! No, they don’t really have a name change generator, but that’s the joke I like to make. I never said it was a good joke. Anyway, last week we posted about some wrestlers whose names were changed and now there are more names to update. Thanks to the Wrestling Observer.

Here are the new names:

Shane Strickland is now Isaiah Scott.

Humberto Garza (or Garza Jr.) is now Angel Garza.

ACH is now Jordan Myles.

Jonah Rock is now Bronson Reed.

DJZ is now Joaquin Wilde.

Samuel Shaw is now Dexter Lumis.

So how many names are going to be shortened when they go to the main roster? It’s probably too soon to guess that. Good luck to all of these wrestlers during their NXT careers and beyond.