WWE News: Shinsuke Nakamura Rejected The Bobby Roode ‘Glorious’ Theme

It turns out that the beloved ‘Glorious’ theme that Bobby Roode now uses down in NXT was originally composed for the flamboyant Shinsuke Nakamura character, who rejected it according to the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer.

Nakamura simply felt that the theme didn’t really fit his character, which is an understandable statement. The king of Strong Style is said to have been very hands-on with the creation of his current ‘The Rising Sun’ entrance theme. However, WWE obviously did not want the ‘Glorious’ theme to go to waste, so they gave it to Roode, who it definitely suits much more fittingly. “Glorious’ oozes a cocky heel vibe while ‘The Rising Sun’ captures the aforementioned flamboyance Shinsuke Nakamura is about.

Rob’s Hot-Take:

That’s a really cool piece of WWE trivia, especially considering that the situation benefited both wrestlers in the end. They both have the perfect themes for their characters, and two of the best entrances of all time. Let us know below in the comments which of the themes you prefer.

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