WWE News: Serena Deeb Hired as a New Coach at WWE Performance Center

It was announced this week that WWE has hired Serena Deeb as a coach at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando. Fans of WWE may remember her best from being a part of the Straight Edge Society group in 2010 and she spent several years before that as part of WWE’s developmental system as well. In 2017, Serena returned to the company as a competitor in the Mae Young Classic women’s tournament. Serena has spent the last few years teaching yoga in California, but now she’s moved to Orlando to coach with WWE full time.

The news of Serena being hired was announced on on Thursday and they posted an exclusive interview with her. Here is some of that.

WWE.COM: What exactly will your role be in the Performance Center?

SERENA DEEB: I will be a coach for the female talent, and obviously, alongside Sara Amato for the first little bit and helping to groom the next generation.

WWE.COM: Is the ultimate goal that you will be teaching your own class?

DEEB: I believe that is the goal, yes.

WWE.COM: Do you know if you’ll be focusing on the newer recruits or more along the intermediate-veteran lines?

DEEB: I do not know that just yet. I would love to work with the newer recruits; I think that would be really fun.

WWE.COM: What about them appeals to you specifically?

DEEB: Just thinking back on my career and the process I went through, helping people to reach a point where you can see the lightbulb go off and they start to grasp certain things is very rewarding. I think that it’s very different for beginners than it is for people who are a little bit farther along as far as the concepts you’re trying to teach them are going to be different in those levels. I think teaching people in the beginning, when it’s a clean slate and their brain is just really starting to absorb everything and things start falling into place, is just a really crucial time in their development.

There’s more in the interviewing including Serena being asked about what it was liked to have a coaching tryout.

WWE.COM: What exactly does a coaching tryout entail?

DEEB: It was really interesting! I was there for a week. A lot of it was shadowing the other coaches and seeing how everybody does it differently because everybody has their different flavors. Running classes, running drills and talking to each person. I did a lot of one-on-one, watching tape review and watching people’s matches back and offering feedback. It also entailed going to the Live Events and producing matches, giving feedback there as well, just kind of getting a feel for the whole system again because it’s been a while since I’ve been under these roofs.

You can read the full interview on right here.

TJR Thoughts: I’m happy for her. Great person. I thought she would be signed to a wrestling deal after the MYC because she’s only 31 years old. I guess WWE didn’t have an interest in using her in the ring again, which is fine. Then again, it could always happen since she’s on the payroll now. I’m sure the wrestlers training under her tutelage will benefit from working with somebody with a lot of experience like Serena.