WWE News: Ryback Discusses His Frustration With WrestleMania 32 Spot, Possibly Finding “Another World To Work In”

Last week Dubai radio personality Myles talked with Ryback while WWE were in town as part of their Middle East tour. The whole video interview can be seen at the end of this report, but below are some highlights:

Ryback was asked if his loss to WWE United States Champion Kalisto on the Wrestlemania 32 Kickoff pre-show was still a good moment, he showed some frustration. He said:

“To be quite honest, absolutely not. The last 3 WrestleMania’s have not been great. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail on that but it would’ve been nice to have been on the show where both of us belong. The US Title definitely belongs on there. Hopefully next year, if there is a next year, that it will be a better experience.”

Ryback did confirm that he does wants to get back into the main event picture:

“Absolutely. And that is what each and every day I go out there and prove my worth and that I am a one in a lifetime WWE Superstar. I am The Big Guy, the best big guy in the world and there is nobody like me. But I will continue to plug away and be the best version of me each and every day and hopefully at the end of the night, I’m where I belong.”

When asked how hard it is chasing the main event spot with so much competition on the roster, Ryback continued to show more frustration:

“I’ve heard in this business hard work doesn’t always pay off. So maybe The Big Guy has to go find another world where that does pay off. But you work really, really hard at something and you dedicate yourself, and you sometimes have to be told you’re somewhere else. That’s a tough pill to swallow time and time again but I’ve never stopped believing in myself and I never will. Next year should undoubtedly be a big year for The Big Guy.”

Ski’s Take – That’s quite a bold statement there from The Big Guy. Is he trying to reach that brass ring that Uncle Vince has referred to before, or has he taken too many knocks to the head? To say publicly that if he doesn’t get a main event push then he’ll go to pastures new is a big risk. Could officials see his words as a “look at me, see what I’m doing” statement? Or will they see that as a threat, and continue to not push him? I suppose we’ll see in the coming weeks, but I’m not holding my breath for Ryback…..