WWE News: Rusev and Lana Possibly Working Together Again

In this week’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter it is being reported that WWE wants to end the storyline involving Lana, Rusev, Summer Rae, and Dolph Ziggler by reuniting the blonde bombshell Russian with the Bulgarian brute.

Reason being is that both Rusev and Lana have come across weaker since their split. To this I say “No shit Sherlock”. Rusev is admittedly fantastic interjecting comedy into his promos and going along with the shenanigans of bitter romance, but it’s such a disappointing reshaping of character for someone that wasn’t pinned or submitted for over a year until running into the brick wall known as John Cena.

Lana also comes across less powerful when she’s with Ziggler. She brought a dominating presence to her persona with Rusev (it was empowering for her yelling “Rusev crush!”), but with Ziggler she often feels like a standard girlfriend stereotype. Sure she gets to knock around Summer Rae, but the toughness of her character has overall been diluted in favor of cheesy love with Ziggler.

For what it’s worth, Rusev and Lana have been a couple in real life for a couple of years now, so they are probably more comfortable working together than when they are out there kissing other people.

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