WWE News: Raw Script Changes, Excitement About Going Back on the Road, Alexa Bliss Update, More

Here are some news and notes about last night’s WWE Monday Night Raw (read my review here) episode. Thanks to PWInsider’s Mike Johnson for this.

* It was reported that WWE’s creative team led by Vince McMahon “ripped up the script” a lot this week, so whatever they had planned over the last few days likely got changed yesterday before Raw went on the air. That’s why there were a few rematches and some matches went a lot longer to fill time. Johnson noted that a lot of the first hour wasn’t set until about 40 minutes before Raw started at 8pm ET.

* There is excitement about going back on the road among the wrestlers in the company. There is hope that merchandise royalties will rise due to fans buying merchandise at live events. There are others who are being cautious about how the shows will draw since some fans may not be as willing to attend a live event even after a lot of people have received COVID-19 vaccines. Tickets for the first Smackdown in Houston (July 16), Money in the Bank in Fort Worth (July 18) and Raw in Dallas (July 19) go on sale this Wednesday, so there is a lot of interest in how fast the tickets sell.

* John Cone has received a lot of praise within the company as the number two person in the talent relations department, working under the Head of Talent Relations, John Laurinaitis. Cone recently replaced Mark Carrano in that role although Cone has worked in talent relations for several years. Cole is well-liked by talents that spoke to PWInsider about his new role. Cone also works for WWE as a referee. It was also noted that there have been some additions to the staff of the talent relations department as well.

* When Shayna Baszler was verbally berating Reginald at the end of Raw, she mentioned a Cirque du Soliel line. That’s because Reginald worked for Cirque as a hoop driver and acrobat for the entertainment troupe.

* Keith Lee was not backstage at Raw this week. It’s unknown why he has been absent for the last several months, but Lee did post this on Twitter on Monday.

I don’t know what it is that Keith is dealing with, but he’s a good man that has been through a lot in his life and I wish him the best. As a fan, I hope he can return to the ring soon.

* Alexa Bliss was backstage at Raw last night, but did not appear on camera. Her evil “doll” Lilly did appear in the background during backstage segments with Reginald. Earlier on Monday, Bliss posted on Instagram about how her pet pig Larry Steve (if you follow her on social media then you would know about Larry Steve) had become very ill and that she was unable to find a veterinarian to check on him.

Earlier this morning, Bliss posted on Instagram that Larry Steve has passed away just before his fourth birthday. Bliss noted that she was heartbroken over the loss.

The story about Bliss and Larry Steve was picked up by TMZ as well.

Best wishes to Alexa, her fiance Ryan Cabrera and the family in dealing with their loss. Losing a pet is never easy and if you have followed Alexa on social media over the years, you know how much Larry Steve meant to her.