WWE News: R-Truth Wins Back The 24/7 Title at Drake Maverick’s Wedding

The WWE 24/7 Title has changed hands once again…this time at a wedding.

Drake Maverick, who defeated R-Truth for the “coveted” 24/7 Title at Smackdown on Tuesday, was wearing the championship around his waist during his wedding ceremony to his wife, Renee Michelle, who is also a wrestler although she is not in WWE. It took place on Thursday. A video was posted by WWE.

In the video, Drake (real name James Curtin) and Renee were pronounced husband and wife. He kissed the bride. Drake took a sip of EC3’s cup since EC3 was in the wedding party. Drake was also wearing the 24/7 Title as he walked down the aisle with his wife. However, a WWE referee appeared in the aisle. R-Truth showed up from behind Drake, gave him the ROLLUP OF DEATH~! and the referee counted one…two…and three. That meant that R-Truth was the 24/7 Champion again…for the sixth time since the title debuted on May 20.

Truth ran away with the title while Drake apologized to his wife and he ran after Truth as the scene ended. The video lasted just over one minute.

Drake’s new wife Renee joked on Twitter that she wants a divorce.

Here’s some news on the wedding with thanks to PWInsider for some of the info.

– The 24/7 Title change at the wedding was pitched by Drake Maverick to WWE and the company loved it.

– The actual nuptials took place and then they filmed this skit with the 24/7 Title change shortly after it. The guy that appears in the video as the priest is actually WWE NXT writer Joseph Belcastro.

– WWE superstars EC3 and Braun Strowman were in the wedding party along with Jeremy Borash, who works for the WWE NXT brand now. EC3 and Borash worked closely with Maverick when he was Rockstar Spud in TNA/Impact earlier this decade. Cheerleader Melissa, who has wrestled all around the world, was one of the bridesmaids. Matt Hardy’s son Maxel was the ring bearer.

– There were several wrestling related guests in attendance including husband and wife TJ Wilson (Tyson Kidd) and Natalya, Matt Hardy and Reby Hardy, WWE announcer Vic Joseph, former LAX member Diamante and Impact Wrestling’s Kiera Hogan.

– There was more material filmed by WWE at the wedding, but it’s not known when or if it will air.

TJR Thoughts: I thought it was pretty funny. I admit that at first, I didn’t warm up to the idea of the 24/7 Title, but when you do ridiculous things like title changes at a golf course and a wedding, I think it’s enjoyable.

Congrats to Drake and Renee on their wedding. I wish many years of happiness.