WWE News on Positive Reaction to Roderick Strong NXT Profile Videos

Roderick Strong is a rising star on WWE’s NXT brand. Recently, they aired two videos showcasing his story from a tough upbringing with his family to recently becoming a father for the first time. In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reports that the reaction to the Strong vignettes from NXT shows have been extremely positive.

Meltzer notes that there’s a “huge difference in the reaction he’s been getting at the live shows, so the experiment to see if that type of thing is effective seemingly was answered positively.”

You can watch the two videos below.

TJR Thoughts: The videos are awesome and this is what WWE needs to do on Raw and Smackdown to educate the fans on what the performers are about. All they ever do on the main roster is a 60 second video showing the guy or girl in the ring. Who cares? We need more than that and that’s what they did with Strong. The fans reacted to it at live events, so maybe this will open up WWE’s eyes that they should do this on the main shows as well.