WWE News: Paul Heyman Claims Brock Lesnar Will Cash in Money in the Bank Contract on Universal Champion on Monday’s Raw (VIDEO)

Paul Heyman, the advocate for WWE’s current Money in the Bank contract holder Brock Lesnar, claims in a new Twitter video that Lesnar will be cashing in the Money in the Bank contract on the WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins this Monday on Raw.

Heyman responded to the Stephanie McMahon video saying that Lesnar and Heyman were disrespectful on last week’s Raw by turning the Money in the Bank briefcase into a boombox and making promises where they would announce who Lesnar would face for a championship match. Lesnar and Heyman did not make their intentions known. Stephanie said that WWE is going to take action without going into details. You can watch that video here.

Here’s what Heyman said in reply to that.

“There is no need for an executive meeting, there is no need for the McMahon family to get together…ever. What there is a need for is my client to be proactive rather than reactive. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, my client Brock Lesnar hereby cashes in the Money in the Bank effective this Monday, June 3rd, 2019 between the hours of 8pm and 11pm Eastern Time at a moment of his choosing live on Monday Night Raw against the reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion…Seth Rollins.”

Heyman ended it with a personal message to Rollins from Lesnar: “Mr. Rollins, here comes the pain.”

Seth Rollins responded on Twitter with this.

Matt Riddle chimed in too.

Since he’s never been on Raw, it’s hard to know if he is being serious.

TJR Thoughts: It’s a smart move by WWE to use social media to create a buzz. The Stephanie video is ridiculous because we are supposed to believe the McMahons are this righteous family that gets mad when people lie, yet any WWE fan that has watched WWE TV for the past 22 years knows the McMahons are usually heels that lie. Now they are mad about Lesnar/Heyman not honoring their promise to announce when they will cash in? It’s a weak storyline.

Heyman’s video was good, but just because he says Lesnar will try to cash in on Seth Rollins at some point during Monday’s Raw does not mean it will actually happen. It’s very possible that Lesnar waits until later in the year and cashes in on WWE Champion Kofi Kingston since Smackdown is moving to Fox in October and the expectation is that Lesnar will be on Smackdown. What Heyman’s promo does do is give something to tease the fans into thinking that a cash-in attempt is coming this Monday on Raw and because of that, it could lead to more viewers on Raw.

Always remember my friends, heels lie.