WWE News: Paige WWE Network Special Tonight, WrestleMania 34 “WWE 24” Documentary on Sunday, Becky Lynch 30-Minute Interview

It’s a busy weekend for WWE with NXT Takeover Phoenix tonight (Kurt Zamora will have live coverage later this evening), then the Royal Rumble on Sunday, which I’ll have live coverage for and then Raw and Smackdown follow with all four nights in Phoenix. In addition to those major shows, WWE is also releasing some new content on WWE Network as well as on Youtube.

Tonight, following NXT Takeover on WWE Network, is the latest episode of WWE Chronicle that covers Paige’s retirement from 2017, then her run on Smackdown as the General Manager. She has had a rough couple of years due to injuries and other factors, but she has said her life is in a good place. This one might be a bit of a tear jerker because we all know how sad it is when a wrestler is forced to retire early and she was only 25 years old.

Here’s what the teaser says:

Get a sneak peek at the latest episode of WWE Chronicle, following Paige from her journey back to WWE to the heartbreaking news about her career.

You can watch a preview clip below.

The producer of the documentary, Joey Maloney, sent out this tweet talking about the experience of making WWE Chronicle about Paige. The tweet was also retweeted by Paige.

The WWE Chronicle episode about Paige has a run time of 30 minutes on WWE Network and it will start at approximately 9:30pmET this evening or whenever Takeover ends. If you miss it live, you can watch it on WWE Network on demand.

TJR THOUGHTS: If you’ve never watched a WWE Chronicle documentary before, you really should go back and watch them. They are outstanding. When Paige announced her retirement it wasn’t that much of a surprise because of her serious neck issues, but it’s still sad knowing this 25-year-old woman can’t wrestle anymore. It’s not necessarily a sad story, though, because she’s doing well in her life now and I wish her continued success. I’ll definitely check out the documentary.


For the fifth straight year, WWE has a “WWE 24” documentary special about WrestleMania. It will air on Sunday night after the Royal Rumble on WWE Network with behind the scenes footage from WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans last year.

Here’s a WWE Network clip featuring Charlotte Flair prior to her WrestleMania match against Asuka last year.

TJR THOUGHTS: These specials are always great and I think I have reviewed them all either here on TJRWrestling or The Comeback. I love the way we get to see the superstars preparing for WrestleMania, which is obviously one of the biggest nights of their lives.


There was a live interview with Becky Lynch that WWE posted on Twitter earlier this afternoon (or morning where Becky is in Phoenix). The interview was conducted by WWE’s Cathy Kelly and it ran about 37 minutes. They posted it on Youtube as well. I thought it was really well done because they talked about Becky’s entire career while looking at some memorable photos along the way. When you watch Becky talk about her accomplishments and her goal of headlining WrestleMania this year, it makes her that much more likable. “The Man” is on fire right now. I’m looking forward to her match on Sunday. Before that, though, you can watch this interview.

There’s some other good content on WWE’s Youtube channel as well. Here is Sasha Banks (happy birthday to her) training with Charlotte Flair, Drew Gulak and others ahead of her match against Ronda Rousey at the Royal Rumble.

The latest WWE Top 10 video looks at Royal Rumble eliminations by “friendly superstars” meaning allies that turned on a friend during the Rumble match. There are some fun memories in there.

That’s all for now.