WWE News on Lio Rush Likely Moving Back to NXT, Gallows & Anderson Contract, Titus O’Neil Birthday During Raw Commercial

There was a segment on Monday’s edition of WWE Raw where Bobby Lashley was interviewed by The Miz for Miz TV with no sign of Lio Rush. There was no explanation given for where Rush was, nor was his name mentioned. Apparently, Rush is no longer part of Raw or the main roster. Rush is going to be part of NXT again, according to PWInsider’s Mike Johnson.

It was reported by Johnson that there is talk within WWE that Rush will be shifted back to WWE NXT in the near future. Johnson also wrote about how Rush has gotten heat in the past like when he was on the November 2018 European tour and he didn’t help with carrying coolers and drinks at the hotels where the roster was staying at. Those things are done to show respect to others in the locker room, yet Rush refused to do it, so it got him heat with the locker room. Rush apparently complained to WWE management about it, which didn’t help him either.

There have also been stories about Rush getting heat for bringing family and friends backstage to WWE events without getting credentials. He has also blown off advice from more senior members of the Raw roster, according to Johnson’s report.

Things can always change, but as of now, it looks like Bobby Lashley is back to being a solo act without Lio Rush as his mouthpiece.

* The tag team of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson appeared on Raw last night after being Smackdown superstars. There was no explanation given as to why they showed up on Raw this week when the Superstar Shake-up was two weeks ago. That’s typical WWE where they don’t care to explain things.

Moving Gallows and Anderson was apparently the plan since the Superstar Shake-up two weeks ago, according to PWInsider. They claim it was simply a case of WWE not announcing it until last week. Gallows and Anderson lost clean to The Usos on Raw this week.

As for the contracts of Gallows and Anderson, there were reports months ago that WWE offered them a long term deal with the duo turning the money down. Apparently, that hasn’t changed with PWInsider noting that Gallows and Anderson plan to leave WWE this fall when their contracts expire.

* Here’s a video of the WWE Universe wishing Titus O’Neil a happy birthday during a commercial break segment at Raw last night.

Vince McMahon also tweeted a Happy Birthday message to O’Neil on Monday.

O’Neil did not appear on Raw this week. Vince McMahon can wish Titus a Happy Birthday on Twitter (or at least Vince’s assistant did), but Vince can’t find time for him on a three-hour show. What a guy.

* In other news, WWE NXT referee Tom Castor suffered a broken leg refereeing a match on the weekend. He is in Birmingham, Alabama this week for surgery. Best wishes to him.