WWE News: Nikki Bella Claims She Has Retired From Wrestling (Brie Already Retired), Bella Twins Launching Podcast

It appears as though the Bella Twins sister duo of Nikki and Brie Bella have both wrestled their last matches in a WWE ring, at least according to their comments on the season four finale of “Total Bellas” that aired on Sunday night. No, I didn’t watch the episode. I am a sane person. However, there is this clip of Nikki talking about her retirement.

The episode featured Nikki talking to her family about how she wants to stop wrestling. She commented on how difficult it was on the WWE European tour from last November, which were apparently her last matches.

“The travel was really, really rough. So I realized: ‘Why am I doing this anymore?’ I don’t feel good. The girls are doing amazing things over there. I really am ready to hang up the jersey. I can say it fully.”

When Nikki’s brother JJ asked if she is done, Nikki replied by saying “yeah.” Brie added that they can hang their boots up together. Two weeks ago, Brie announced that she has retired from wrestling too.

Nikki added that she’s ready to fold the jersey, put it away and take Nikki Bella in a different direction.

Could this all be a storyline? It’s possible because it’s a scripted “reality show” and I wouldn’t put it past them to just do this to set up a return. However, the Bellas are also 36 years old this year with Brie wanting to have a second child with WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. As for Nikki, she’s had neck problems leading to major neck surgery, so it makes sense that she wants to stop as well.

In other Bella Twins news, the sisters are launching a new podcast with the first episode set to debut this Wednesday.

TJR Thoughts: Good luck to the Bellas in their futures away from the ring. They’re busy with their businesses, more seasons of “Total Bellas” I’m sure and everything else they have going on. After over a decade in WWE, it’s easy to see why they are ready to move on.