WWE News: Naomi Will Defend Smackdown Women’s Title Vs. Lana for Third Time on July 4

Naomi will defend the Smackdown Women’s Title against Lana next Tuesday, July 4 on Smackdown in Phoenix. It will be the third time Lana receives a Women’s Title shot from Naomi in less than a month.

The main reason for it is because Lana whined on Twitter about how her shoulder wasn’t down when Naomi beat her in under one minute this past Tuesday on Smackdown. Naomi also beat Lana clean at Money in the Bank on June 18.

I’m not sure if that was the plan when they did the match on Tuesday or if it was just an accident that Lana’s shoulder was up off the ground. You can tell that Naomi has a hold of her arm, so perhaps she intentionally lifted Lana’s arm to set up the controversial finish. It’s notable that the announcers didn’t put it over during the broadcast, so it’s possible it was just an accident.

Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan tweeted that Lana will get another match against Naomi on Tuesday.

Naomi tweeted about it saying that Lana will be done on Tuesday.

The July 4th Smackdown will also feature the WWE return of John Cena, who has been off TV since WrestleMania three months ago.

TJR Thoughts: I’ll give WWE credit for following up on a “controversial” finish whether it was planned or not. I just think they should move on from this rivalry if you even want to call it that.