WWE News: Money In The Bank Ladder & WWE Title Match Announced

On the May 23rd edition of WWE SmackDown Live, Shane McMahon revealed the participants in the upcoming Money in the Bank match at the June 18 PPV of the same name. Battling it out for the prized briefcase (which almost guarantees a championship reign considering the winner gets a title match whenever and wherever they want) are Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura, Dolph Ziggler, Baron Corbin, and AJ Styles.

It was also announced that new WWE Champion Jinder Mahal will defend the title against former champion Randy Orton since Orton gets a rematch. It should be noted also that the event takes place in St. Louis, which is Randy’s hometown.

Rob’s Hot-Take:

That is one star-studded Money in the Bank match. Realistically, I could see anyone but Dolph winning. I know the current favorite (based on insider news and booking logic) seems to be Baron Corbin, but WWE loves throwing curveballs with this match almost every year. Did anyone see Sheamus winning a few years ago? Probably not.

Of course, because I’m typing all this WWE will go the predictable route and have Baron win, but it would be awesome to see a complete underdog like Sami win and strike at the most opportune time with the briefcase to create one hell of a memorable moment. Nakamura holding the briefcase could also help his character, as you don’t really need to be able to talk to tease cashing in. No matter what, it should be one fantastic bout with a likable victor.

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