WWE News: Mean Gene Special on WWE Network, 205 Live Moving Back to Tuesdays, Undertaker Joins Twitter

There will be a special tribute show for the late “Mean” Gene Okerlund on WWE Network this coming Monday after Raw. The special is called “Let Me Tell You Something Gene” in honor of Hulk Hogan’s famous catchphrase that he would use to begin his interviews that were conducted by Okerlund. Here’s what the preview for the special says:

“WWE Superstars and Legends celebrate the life and legacy of one of sports entertainment’s most beloved personalities, ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund.”

The special on Okerlund has a run time of 30 minutes on the WWE Network schedule.

205 Live is Live Again…We Think

In other WWE Network news, it appears as though 205 Live is moving back to the Tuesday night at 10pmET timeslot that it used to have. The reason the show was moved to Wednesdays (taped on Tuesdays before Smackdown) was that WWE was airing Mixed Match Challenge live after Smackdown. Now that the most recent season of Mixed Match Challenge is over, it appears as though 205 Live is back to being live on Tuesday nights at 10pmET.

I think it was in a better spot on Wednesdays with NXT and NXT UK, but maybe WWE felt like Tuesdays live is better for the show with “live” in its title.

The Undertaker Joins Twitter

The Undertaker is on Twitter @theundertaker. Yes, it’s really him. The above tweet is from December 4, but yesterday and today is when he started using it. He only has five tweets so far and in his profile, he’s got an email address to contact his manager/agent for booking purposes for appearances and things like that. He’s also on Instagram @undertaker as well.

I guess you could say kayfabe has officially died now, but maybe he has good Wifi in his funeral home. I’m glad he’s embracing it although as an LA Rams diehard fan, I can not agree with the Dallas Cowboys support. I do respect anybody that supports their team, though.