WWE News: John Cena Will Induct Kurt Angle Into 2017 WWE Hall of Fame

It was announced on Thursday, on and WWE social media channels, that John Cena will be inducting Kurt Angle into the WWE Hall of Fame on March 31 in Orlando.

Angle has done a lot of interviews since the news of his Hall of Fame induction broke and said numerous times that Steve Austin would be his first choice. He also mentioned John Cena, The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar as others that he would like to do it. The decision came from WWE most likely since they are the ones that have historically made the final decision.

Angle and Cena tweeted about it earlier today.

Why Cena? Because his first televised match in WWE was on June 27, 2002 and it was against Kurt Angle. The match was a win by Angle, but Cena was impressive. They had several other matches together as Cena made his rise to the top of the roster while Angle was a main eventer until the summer of 2006 when he left WWE.

The role of the presenter is to talk for about five minutes about the inductee for about five minutes. Some people tell funny stories and others just compliment the person. Cena should do a great job in that role.

If you want to see their June 2002 match, here it is below.