WWE News: Jimmy Uso Found Not Guilty in DUI Case

The phrase “innocent until proven guilty” comes to mind when it comes to Jimmy’s DUI case from earlier this year. Back in July, there was a report that Jimmy was arrested for a DUI in the Pensacola, Florida area. Today, WEAR-TV and TMZ are reporting that Jimmy (real name Jonathon Fatu) has been found not guilty for the incident in Escambia County.

The arrest report noted that an off-duty officer claimed that Fatu’s car was driving on Interstate 10 at speeds at 100 mph, then he was pulled over by an Escambia County Sheriff’s deputy and charged.

Today in court, the Escambia County jury took one hour to find Fatu not guilty. The report from WEAR-TV claimed that Fatu was emotional as the verdict was read.

The arresting officer, Deputy Jeremy Meeks, maintained that it appeared as though Fatu was impaired: “Once he eventually started to get out of the vehicle, he appeared to have a hard time with the door handle and opening up the door. He was unable to get out of the vehicle and took a step or two and appeared to stumble, almost into the travel lane.”

It was also reported that the speeding ticket that Fatu received will remain on his record.

The Usos have not appeared on WWE TV since July. In April of this year, it was reported that The Usos signed contracts to remain in WWE for at least five more years.

TJR Thoughts: It’s a nice break for Jimmy Uso, but he still needs to be more careful because he has had some incidents with police officers and so has his brother Jey. They need to learn from this, be more responsible and be smarter.

As for Jimmy’s WWE career, the Usos and Jimmy’s wife Naomi have been off TV for several months now because they were given a break, but also because WWE likely wanted to see what happened with this DUI charge. Now that Jimmy has been cleared, perhaps we’ll see the Usos back on Raw or Smackdown in early 2020 or perhaps even sooner than that.