WWE News: Jey Uso Out Six Months After Shoulder Surgery

If you’ve been watching WWE TV the last few weeks and wondering what has happened to The Usos, they have been kept on the sidelines because Jey Uso suffered a shoulder injury. Here’s the news story from

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Jey Uso has undergone surgery to repair recent injuries suffered in action at WrestleMania 31 Kickoff, causing him to be removed from the Fatal 4-Way WWE Tag Team Championship Match.

“At WrestleMania, Jey suffered an anterior shoulder dislocation on the left arm, which was later evaluated back in Florida,” said WWE physician Dr. Stephen Daquino, who also confirmed that Jey underwent surgery last week to tighten his rotator cuff and shoulder capsule to repair the injury, which had been aggravating him leading into WrestleMania.

While Jey hasn’t been seen in action since WrestleMania, Dr. Daquino was able to provide a soft timetable for the dynamic Superstar’s return.

“It looks like [his] return is estimated [at] about six months.”

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Six months. That sucks for Jey. It’s a tough injury because he’s going to miss half a year. It’s one of the more painful injuries mixed in with a long rehab process. Wade Barrett went through something similar last year when he missed a significant amount of time.

Jey and Jimmy will turn 30 years old this August. They are a tag team that WWE can bank on for the next decade and there’s really no reason to split them up soon. The only good thing that can come from the injury is that they can come back really fresh later in the year while WWE tries to build up other teams. It’s never a plus when a great team is on the sideline. They have great matches with everybody and as former two time Tag Team Champions they have a lot of credibility in the tag division.

The storyline explanation is that he was attacked at WrestleMania. He was actually injured several weeks before that just within a regular match, so it’s been about a month since he got hurt. There’s nobody to blame for the injury. It just happens in wrestling.

His twin brother Jimmy has been working singles matches during the European tour that is ongoing. Jimmy’s wife Naomi just turned heel, which may not have happened if Jey was still around and she was going to the ring with them.

All the best to Jey in his recovery.