WWE News: Jeff And Matt Hardy Offered New Contracts

Jeff and Matt Hardy currently have a new WWE offer on the table and it looks like they are expected to sign a deal with the company, according to an exclusive from Pro Wrestling Sheet.

Speculation arose as the Hardy Boys decided to sign with Ring of Honor, but suspiciously only for a brief period of time. As Jeff and Matt are currently leaving TNA, it’s also worth noting that they are in a legal battle of sorts with the company. It’s not something that will affect the highly decorated tag team rejoining WWE, but rather TNA employing a bitter rage and generally being upset that they are leaving, especially considering that the Broken Matt Hardy character will be a huge hit in WWE.

With that said, don’t be surprised if it takes some time before WWE can use the Broken Matt Hardy character straightaway, as rights to that gimmick is the main focus point of the legal battle. Either way, both the crowd and WWE will surely light up if they return as expected.

Rob’s Hot-Take:

The Hardy Boys are one of my favorite tag teams of all time and have been sorely missed from WWE. Especially considering that Jeff Hardy was able to defeat his drug addiction demons and the recent success of Matt Hardy debuting his new Broken gimmick. They will also definitely add a much-needed boost in star power to either Raw or SmackDown’s rather barren tag team division.