WWE News: Injuries To Charlotte, Emma & Others At WWE/NXT Live Events Last Night

There were quite a few injuries last night at two separate live events.

At the WWE Live Event in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Charlotte suffered an nose injury after Becky Lynch hit her in the face with a knee, just a few minutes into their match. Below are some fan photos taken at the event.

Charlotte was visibly bleeding and was taken to the back with the aid of the referee, as Becky looks on shaken. The match was ruled a no contest. It appears that she has a broken nose but at this time of writing, nothing has been confirmed by the WWE.

Here are more notes from the match from Jason Powell of, who attended the event: “I was thrilled to see this match added and was just starting to enjoy the match when Charlotte suffered a cut after taking a knee from Lynch. Charlotte stayed down and covered her face. Lynch just stopped what she was doing and showed concern. Charlotte received medical treatment and the match was quickly called off with Eden announcing that the match was a no-contest. Charlotte had her face covered as she headed backstage. It was difficult to tell what the exact injury was given that she had her face covered.”

On the same card, Sheamus was also busted open by Kalisto in their match, after taking a moonsault to the head, as shown in the photo below.

Across the country, at the NXT Live Event in Cleveland, Ohio, Emma was injured in the opening bout of the evening, after taking a kick to head from Asuka, and could even have been knocked out for a few seconds. Emma was checked on by the referee and the match was finished as a referee stoppage. Below is a photo taken by a fan at the event.

And to wrap up a night of injuries for WWE, Tommaso Ciampa suffered a shoulder injury at the Cleveland NXT Live Event, after taking the “Shatter Machine” finisher from the NXT Tag Team Champions, The Revival. Ciampa and his tag partner for the evening Johnny Gargano, finished the match but was helped to the back with the aid of the referee, as seen in the photo below.

Ski’s Take – How much are WWE officials worrying right now? The possible broken nose for Charlotte couldn’t have come at a worse time for the company. With the Divas Championship Triple Threat only announced on Thursday’s Smackdown, the last thing the storyline needs is for the champ herself to be off screen for any amount of time. If she is taken off TV for any amount of time due to the injury, maybe they could use the injury to help push the story forward? Ric could say that Becky purposely injured his daughter to give herself and Sasha an advantage over Charlotte at Mania? Could he say that due to her injury, that she’s unable to compete and the match shouldn’t happen? Both are possibilities of where the story could go IF Charlotte needs time off TV. She could be okay in a month too. We just don’t know yet.

With Sheamus, I’m sure it’s nothing some glue couldn’t fix and he’ll be as right as rain come Monday night for Raw. He looks better with some battle damage anyway, lives up to his gimmick.

The NXT talent of Emma and Ciampa, this could be bad news. With Ciampa, a possible shoulder injury is nasty (ask John Cena). He’s likely booked to be at NXT Takeover: Dallas undercard. I’m hoping that he isn’t that seriously injured and can still compete as I’m a huge fan of his and have been for a few years now.

Emma? If she was indeed knocked out, then WWE will test her for a concussion. And again, with all the news in the media and WWE itself about concussions she may have to miss NXT Takeover: Dallas too, as I’m pretty sure she would have been involved on the undercard too.

All in all, last night was a pretty dismal evening for Uncle Vince and company.