WWE News on Hardy’s Broken Gimmick; Jeff’s Health Going Into WrestleMania 33 Match (VIDEO)

Matt and Jeff Hardy returned to World Wrestling Entertainment during last night’s WrestleMania 33. Jeff had been away from WWE for the last eight years while Matt had been away from WWE for the last seven years.

During the Hardys’ time away from WWE, they spent time in TNA, Ring of Honor and other smaller independent promotions. Although the Hardys were doing fine outside of WWE, both men reached new levels of success within the last year due to their “broken” gimmick becoming immensely popular with fans.

The Hardys recently left TNA and there were plenty of rumors floating around that they would return to WWE. As we saw last night, they did in fact return and won the Raw Tag Team Titles in a Ladder Match. However, the big question from many people was whether or not they would continue using their popular “broken” gimmick. The Hardys continuing to use their “broken” gimmick was a big question due to confusion about whether or not TNA/Impact Wrestling owned the gimmick, and if WWE would want the Hardys to use their “broken” gimmick considering its such a change from how their characters were in WWE.

It seems like the Hardys own the “broken” gimmick and that they’ll be using it in WWE. A clip from WWE’s Snapchat about WrestleMania 33 showed the Hardys talking about how The Club’s Raw Tag Team Title reign was now obsolete because they had deleted it. A video posted on WWE’s YouTube channel also shows Matt Hardy displaying some of his classic “broken” characteristics and talking some more about deleting The Club’s title reign.

The Hardys reportedly did not arrive at Camping World Stadium (where WrestleMania 33 was taking place) until late in the show. This is according to Wrestling Observer Radio which also stated that Jeff Hardy was feeling very beat up and hurt Sunday morning. The Hardys took on the Young Bucks in a Ladder Match the day before WrestleMania 33 at Ring of Honor’s Supercard of Honor event. The Hardys arrived to their hotel Sunday morning and Jeff was reportedly telling people in the lobby that he needed to go to his room and get some rest because Saturday’s Ladder Match took a lot out of him.

The brothers will make their return to WWE TV tonight on Raw.

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