WWE News: Chad Lail (fka Gunner) Debuts at NXT Event

Chad Lail debuted at the WWE NXT event in St. Petersburg, Florida last night using that name, which is his real name. When he wrestled for Impact Wrestling from 2010 to 2015 he used the name Gunner. Lail is 35 years old.

Here’s a photo of him in action courtesy of WrestlingInc’s Instagram account. His look is similar to what he had in Impact although his hair is shorter.

Lail is 35 years old, started wrestling in 2001 and has always wanted to be in WWE. Here’s a quote from him in 2015 talking about how he wanted to be in WWE, which he said in an interview with our Marc Madison:

“I personally hope to one day compete in the WWE. That is my ultimate goal since I was 5. I really feel like even if I go and another huge goal of mine is acting. I’ve done two movies this year and I do numerous amounts of auditions every week but I think my heart lies and still does with having a WWE match and having that Wrestlemania moment. After that I can probably retire and hopefully build The Rock’s status and act as much as I can because I love acting. The beating on my body and wanting to have kids one day and enjoy them.”

Congrats to Chad for getting to WWE NXT and hopefully he can realize that WrestleMania dream one day.