WWE News: Former Divas Champion Kaitlyn Returning for Mae Young Classic II

It was announced today that former WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn (real name Celeste Bonin) is returning to WWE to take part in the second annual Mae Young Classic women’s only wrestling tournament next month. Kaitlyn left WWE in 2014 after signing with the company in 2010. She had one Divas Championship reign in 2013 that lasted for 153 days. She’s 31 years old.

The reason Kaitlyn left in 2014 was to concentrate on her marriage and the new clothing line, Celestial Bodiez, that she was launching. She divorced from her husband in 2017 and got back into wrestling training earlier this year. When she left WWE it was on good terms, so it’s not a surprise that she is back for at least the Mae Young Classic. She has documented her return to wrestling on her social media channels like Twitter, Instagram and regularly updates her Youtube page as well.

The second annual Mae Young Classic women’s wrestling tournament tapes on August 8 and 9 at Full Sail University (the same place where WWE tapes NXT) in Orlando, Florida.

The news was broken by and featured comments from Kaitlyn on her return. Here’s what she said about training again to wrestle:

“Since I came back, I had the opportunity to work backward and really nail down the fundamentals and the basics — things that I really lacked during my first run with the WWE. Now I am bringing these newly honed and developed skills that I have acquired recently and I am combining that with my fearless attitude. And because I don’t have this rookie vibe about me, now I can really concentrate on surprising the WWE universe with all the things I have learned.”

“The highs and lows and the adrenaline rushes and the quick thinking on your feet — it came rushing back to me. Anytime you step back in the ring, it’s the same rush and you never get used to it. There is always this fear and this question of ‘Oh, my gosh, can I do this?’ And to me that’s part of what makes it amazing.”

Here’s a WWE story about Kaitlyn’s return.

As you can see in some recent Instagram posts, she’s still in great shape.

Analysis: I’m glad she’s back. I’ve met her a few times and she’s a wonderful person with a great personality. I don’t know if this means that she will be on the main roster again, but it’s certainly a possibility if she impresses in the MYC. I think she’ll be on the main roster soon after. It would be a surprise if she didn’t get signed after this.