WWE News: Finn Balor Undergoing Medical Testing Following Last Week’s Concussion

Finn Balor suffered a concussion last week on Raw following a hard forearm from his opponent, Jinder Mahal. Balor was taken off Raw’s three live events this past weekend, but he’s at Raw today in Columbus, Ohio according to PWInsider. It was noted that Balor will undergo medical testing today to determine if he will be cleared for action tonight.

Here’s a GIF of the Mahal forearm from last week.

Balor went on to finish the match, got the clean win and stood in the ring while Bray Wyatt did a promo on the video wall.

A few days ago, Balor sent out this tweet with Mahal “wearing” one of his shirts. Mahal was moved to Smackdown one night after their match, so there won’t be a rematch any time soon.

Analysis: Every concussion is different for every individual person, so it’s hard to know when Balor may be cleared. I think if he is cleared to return to action as soon as tonight then they might as well leave him off the show to let him rest. Hopefully Balor will be back in action tonight or very soon after.