WWE News: Female Retribution Members Have Names – Reckoning and Retaliation

The WWE Retribution currently has five featured members that have been given names and most of them have shown their faces.

We learned this past Monday on Raw that the former Dominik Dijakovic is T-BAR, the former Shane Thorne is SLAPJACK and the former Dio Maddin is MACE.

Today, we learned the names of the two female members of the group. The former Mia Yim is now called Reckoning and the former Mercedes Martinez is Retaliation.

According to PWInsider, WWE filed trademarks for the five names of the Retribution group members. There have been other members in the group that are masked, but we don’t know their names or if the group will have more members.

Reckoning has started tweeting from the account with her new name. When a fan brought up that “Reckoning” is the name of NXT North American Champion Damian Priest’s finishing move, Reckoning responded this way.

In other words, the boss came up with the name probably and likely didn’t even know the name of Priest’s finisher. That’s my guess anyway.

As you can see, Reckoning is enjoying the heel character she is portraying by insulting fans on social media.

There have been rumors that Retribution will be pushed so hard by WWE that they be in a main event match at Survivor Series. We don’t know if that’s true. Consider it a rumor for now.

TJR Thoughts: I think the names are cheesy and lame. I think this storyline is a big time flop right now. I really hope things improve, but I’m not that optimistic about it.