WWE News: Ember Moon Suffers Elbow Injury That Will Require Surgery, Moon Comments

There’s some sad injury news to report tonight because WWE Raw superstar Ember Moon needs surgery on her elbow. Moon competed in the women’s Royal Rumble match on Sunday and must have suffered the injury during the match. She was in the ring for over 50 minutes with no eliminations.

Here’s how Moon explained it:

“Sadly, I messed up my elbow really bad and now I have to have immediate surgery. It’s hard to be here right now and just seeing everybody competing while knowing that I’m on the shelf. I don’t know how long, but it is a while. I’m trying to stay as positive as I can be in the situation. Here’s to the best and I’ll see you guys soon.”

As you can see there, Moon doesn’t know long she’ll be out, but saying that “it is a while” likely suggests a few months. There are all different kinds of elbow surgeries, so it depends on what exactly happened to her. There might be an update from WWE after she has the surgery.

Moon has a very bright future and will hopefully be a champion on the main roster just like she was in NXT. She certainly has the talent to be a champion in WWE one day. Her finishing move, The Eclipse, is one of my favorite finishers in WWE today.

Best wishes to Ember in her recovery.