WWE News: Edge Appearing on NXT This Wednesday, Bad Bunny May Wrestle, Lars Sullivan Released by WWE

Here are three quick WWE news items for this Tuesday evening.

Royal Rumble Winner Edge Will Appear on WWE NXT This Wednesday, February 3

It was announced by WWE this evening that Edge will be appearing on WWE NXT this week. Edge commented on a tweet that he was in the Orlando area supporting his wife Beth Phoenix, who is an announcer on NXT. The couple lives in Asheville, NC.

It’s possible that WWE will use Edge’s appearance on NXT to tease the possibility that Edge may face NXT Champion Finn Balor at WrestleMania. That’s not going to happen because we have reported that Edge will likely be facing Universal Champion Roman Reigns at WrestleMania and he’s appearing on Smackdown this week as well. However, it’s not a bad idea to advertise Edge for NXT and have a segment with Balor as well as other wrestlers on the show.

The appearance by Edge on NXT could boost interest in the show to help the ratings as well, so that’s another reason to do it.


Bad Bunny May Have a Match in WWE

It was an interesting couple of days for musical artist Bad Bunny after his Royal Rumble appearance on Sunday where he had issues with The Miz and John Morrison leading to a cross body block by Bad Bunny on Miz and Morrison. The rivalry between the men continued on Raw last night when Bad Bunny helped his buddy Damian Priest beat The Miz in Priest’s Raw debut match. Bad Bunny wasn’t just at ringside, though. He actually got involved in the match by hitting John Morrison with a microphone as well.

I know a lot of WWE fans don’t know much about Bad Bunny, but he is very popular. After all, this clip of Bad Bunny doing a cross-body block at the Royal Rumble has over 11 million views on Bad Bunny’s Instagram page.

There may be more Bad Bunny in WWE including a possible match. It was reported by PWInsider that WWE is currently planning for Bad Bunny to be involved at WrestleMania 37. They also noted that multiple sources claimed that there was a pitch for Bad Bunny to wrestle on the show. WrestleMania takes place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay on April 10 and April 11.

The match that makes the most sense would be a tag team match with Bad Bunny teaming up with Damian Priest against The Miz and John Morrison.

It’s obvious that WWE likes Bad Bunny, who is a legitimate WWE fan. Considering Bad Bunny has a strong following with nearly 30 million Instagram followers, it makes sense for WWE to try to reach his fanbase by putting him on their shows. I just feel awkward calling a grown man Bad Bunny, but that’s his choice, not mine!


Lars Sullivan Released by WWE

The name of Lars Sullivan may have been in the minds of some WWE fan during the Royal Rumble because the big man has been absent for a few months. However, there was no sign of Sullivan at the Royal Rumble. The reason why is because Sullivan has been released by WWE.

It was reported by PWInsider’s Mike Johnson today that Smackdown’s Lars Sullivan was released by WWE at some point over the last month. It was also confirmed by Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer. Sullivan’s last match in WWE was a win over Shorty G/Chad Gable on October 23. After that, he was featured in interview segments about why it bothers him when people call him a Freak. Sullivan hasn’t been back since those interview segments.

Why didn’t WWE make it public that Sullivan was released? We don’t know.

I could write a lot about all the stupid shit Lars Sullivan did during his career to get fired, but I’m trying to cut back on stupid shit.