WWE News: Edge Advertised for Monday’s Raw (March 9), Preview Clips of WWE’s FCW Story Documentary

The next edition of WWE Monday Night Raw on March 9th will be the return of WWE Hall of Famer Edge, who was last seen on Raw on January 27. Monday’s Raw takes place at the Capital One Arena in Washington, DC. Here’s more from about it:

In the weeks since he was put out of commission by a ruthless attack at the hands of Randy Orton, Edge has been conspicuous by his absence the last month or so, seemingly focusing on his recovery. In the interim, however, Orton’s malice has gone unchecked, culminating in an RKO to Edge’s wife and fellow WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix when she attempted to give an update on Edge’s condition. Now, we’ll finally hear from the man himself.

In the wake of Orton’s latest strike, The Rated-R Superstar will return to Raw once again this Monday, and there will be plenty to address. From The Apex Predator’s recent attacks to the status of his wife to Orton’s brazen claim that he injured Edge to save him from himself, it will be a night of many revelations from a man whose unbelievable career continues to evolve in unexpected ways.

Here are some highlights of that Orton attack on Edge in case you missed it.

Edge is expected to have his next match at WrestleMania 36 on April 5th, so what I expect on Raw is for Edge to challenge Orton to a match in order to get revenge for Orton’s attack on himself, on Beth and poor Matt Hardy, who is now out of WWE.

Analysis: There might be some people questioning why Edge would be advertised when you can have him show up as a surprise, but I think it’s smart to do it. They can either do the segment to start the show or promote it for the main event spot. I think the booking for the Edge/Orton story has been as good as anything in WWE of late. For me, that match along with McIntyre/Lesnar is what I care about the most going into WrestleMania.

As for the March 16 edition of Raw, as we mentioned yesterday it will be the return of Steve Austin for #316Day as WWE is calling it.

It’s WrestleMania season, so WWE bringing back legends is not a surprise. At least in Edge’s case, he is likely in a WrestleMania match, so it makes a lot of sense. In Austin’s case, he’s there to pop a big rating and that’s always good for WWE.


WWE Network “FCW Story” Preview Clips

There’s a new documentary that WWE is releasing called “Future WWE: The FCW Story” and it will be available on demand starting this Sunday at 10 a.m. ET, only on WWE Network.

Over the last few days, WWE has posted several preview clips from the documentary. In addition to that, they have posted some extras as well. You can check them out on WWE’s Youtube channel or view them below.