WWE News: Dean Ambrose Reportedly Went Off-Script During Raw Promo

During this week’s edition of WWE Monday Night Raw (read my review here), Seth Rollins got into a promo exchange with Paul Heyman. It was the usual promo from Heyman where he said he respected the guy, but he (Seth) is not going to beat Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title at WrestleMania. Rollins replied back that he was more focused than ever and he got to end the promo, which makes the fans happy since Rollins is the face in the scenario.

After the Rollins/Heyman promo, Dean Ambrose entered the ring for a match. He went up to Rollins and said: “I’ve only got one thing to say to you…slay the beast.”

By saying what he said, Ambrose meant Seth should beat Brock Lesnar and then Ambrose sat in a chair at ringside as the show went to break.

It was reported by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE had more dialogue planned for Ambrose on Raw. Apparently, Ambrose was supposed to have some line about his history with Rollins in The Shield, there was going to be some line about Roman Reigns and then end it with “slay the beast.” Instead of delivering the promo that way, Ambrose shortened it and then sat down on a chair at ringside.

As we reported two weeks ago, Ambrose is leaving WWE and his departure will likely take place after WrestleMania.

You can watch Ambrose’s brief confrontation with Rollins at the end of this video.

TJR Thoughts: Ambrose is likely in a spot where he doesn’t care if he skips out on some lines that WWE gives him. It could lead to WWE giving Ambrose less dialogue going forward if he’s not going to do what he’s supposed to do.