WWE News: Bruce Prichard Returning to WWE As Part of Creative Team

A familiar face is heading back to World Wrestling Entertainment: Bruce Prichard has been hired once again to join the creative team according to a report from PWInsider’s Mike Johnson, who noted that multiple sources confirmed the news.

Prichard is set to return to WWE in a full-time capacity where he will work in a top position on the creative team. Prichard will start this Monday on Raw in Atlanta, GA.

Prichard, who is 55 years old now, has a 30-year history with WWE dating back to when he started with the company in the late 1980s and was also an on-screen heel manager/interviewer named Brother Love. He loves you! Prichard has worked for WWE in a variety of roles as part of the creative team, working in talent relations, a producer and many other jobs. Prichard left WWE in 2008 after he was fired over bringing a gun to a show. Prichard has also worked for TNA/Impact Wrestling earlier this decade and MLW last year.

According to Johnson, Prichard will be working directly with WWE’s Chairman, CEO and head booker Vince McMahon on all things creative. It’s obvious that Vince trusts him after working together for such a long time.

In the last three years, Prichard has had a lot of success as co-host of the very popular “Something to Wrestle With Bruce Prichard” podcast with co-host Conrad Thompson. I’ve listened to every episode of it and it’s very entertaining with Bruce telling a lot of interesting stories, doing some hilarious impressions and giving us listeners a lot of insight into the inner workings of WWE. The duo have also done live stage shows where Bruce, Conrad and guests tell stories about the business and fans get to meet Bruce. They even did episodes of the podcast for WWE Network although there’s no word on if they will get a second season.

The future of the podcast is unknown at this time. If I had to guess, it may be difficult for Bruce to continue it while he’s high up on the creative team because his life will be very busy while working under Vince McMahon again.

Prichard last appeared on WWE TV in January 2018 in a backstage segment at the Raw 25 show.

TJR Thoughts: I’ll miss the podcast if it’s gone because I have listened to every episode and I recommend to you if you haven’t listened to it. However, I’m also happy for Bruce because the guy is a wrestling lifer, it’s what he has done since he was in his early 20s and it’s what he should do for as long as he can. I think being away from the company for over a decade is a good thing because he’ll be able to give some fresh perspective to Vince and the creative team. Bruce also interacts with fans well, so he can use that in his new job.

Even if you don’t want to listen to the podcast, just go over to the Something to Wrestle With Youtube channel and they have hours of audio clips on there on so many different subjects.

Congrats to Bruce! Doot doot doot! Well, ya know!