WWE News: Brock Lesnar On ESPN SportsCenter (Video)

Earlier today, WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar gave an interview on ESPN’s SportsCenter to help promote this Sunday’s WrestleMania 32.

He gave an honest and frank account of himself when questioned about his first WWE run, the traps and pitfalls that come with life on the road, and how he jumped a rail at UFC 74 to meet Dana White.

The interview highlights are shown below in two parts.


Ski’s Take – I’ve always seen Brock as a very quiet and media shy kinda guy, so to hear him speak as candidly as he did is quite refreshing. And to be without Paul Heyman too!

He isn’t the first, and I doubt he’ll be the last to say that having the company on your back when you’re the champion is an arduous task. How many former champs have come forward to say that they depended on pain pills, booze and more to get through the day?

If Brock ever wanted to write an honest account of his life, I’m sure that not only wrestling fans, but fight fans would make it a best seller. He hardly ever talks about himself, he is an enigma, and that’s what to me sells the guy.

Yeah he’s a complete bad ass, but no-one knows that much about him. He keeps himself to himself, hardly ever talks to the media. An autobiography would be a massive hit!

Note from John: Brock did write a book. I guess Wayne didn’t read it. I didn’t either, but I know he had one.