WWE News: Brock Lesnar Announced for Raw Appearance on September 30

Brock Lesnar returned to WWE last night when he (via Paul Heyman) challenged Kofi Kingston for the WWE Title at the first Smackdown on Fox on October 4th in Los Angeles. Kingston accepted the challenge, Lesnar acted as if he wanted to shake his hand and then Lesnar gave Kingston a F5 to stand tall. The match was made official shortly after that, so WWE will have over two weeks to promote Kingston vs. Lesnar for the WWE Title.

The next Smackdown on September 24 is the last one on a Tuesday night. There won’t be an October 1 Smackdown because the first Friday Smackdown is October 4.

Lesnar’s match against Kingston on October 4 will be Lesnar’s first match on WWE television since 2004. All of his matches since 2012 have been on pay-per-view or live events.

Lesnar’s next advertised appearance (for now) is on September 30 in Phoenix on Raw. The Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix tweeted about it today:

They also advertised two matches:

*WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins vs. Bray Wyatt.

*WWE Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair vs. WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley and Sasha Banks.

That doesn’t mean anything, though. WWE advertises dark matches all the time like that and then they don’t do them. There are plenty of times on Raw where they don’t do a dark match after the show.

They will likely use that appearance to have Lesnar interact with Kingston prior to their WWE Title match on October 4 because it’s the same week of the Smackdown on Fox debut. Since WWE’s “wildcard rule” is still in effect, wrestlers can appear on both shows.

TJR Thoughts: It’s smart to advertise Brock and build up the WWE Title match more. Lesnar is likely going to be Smackdown only when the WWE Draft takes place on October 11. It makes sense that WWE would want him to be on Smackdown on Fox since he is arguably the biggest name in the company especially as a crossover star when Fox promotes Smackdown during football games.