WWE News: Brie Bella Announced She Has Retired As An Active Competitor

During this week’s edition of WWE’s Total Bellas reality show on E Network, Brie Bella announced that her in-ring career is over. It was an episode that was taped prior to last October’s (women’s) Evolution pay-per-view and Brie hasn’t been in the ring since then, so her comments are likely true rather than something to hype up her reality show. Thanks to EOnline for the info.

Brie said: “I decided that after Evolution, I’m gonna be fully retired. I love WWE, but the one thing I learned is that I can’t do everything. I just can’t.”

Brie and husband Daniel Bryan, the current WWE Champion, have a daughter named Birdie that was born on May 9, 2017. The couple plans to have more children too.

Brie continued: “I know a couple months ago I told you I wasn’t ready for baby number two because I have a lot on my plate. But I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I think the comeback really made me realize that I am actually ready. And I do want Birdie and our next baby to be close in age.”

Nikki Bella commented on sister Brie’s retirement news on the show: “Talk about dropping two huge bombs. I guess retirement I always thought would be something that Brie and I would talk about together. I just did not expect this big change after such an incredible comeback.”

Once again, this was taped in October and there has been no public announcement of Brie and Bryan having another baby, but apparently, that’s their plan. Good luck to them. They’re awesome people.

Bryan and Brie also announced they are moving back to Phoenix from San Diego.

TJR Thoughts: It makes sense that Brie would choose to retire if the couple wants to have more kids. She’s at the age now where it’s the right time and Bryan is making great money as the WWE Champion. Bryan signed a new deal with WWE late last year that gives him some weekends off too, so he’s on the road about 10-12 days in the month instead of double that.

I think Brie had a pretty good career. I wouldn’t say she’s one of the best in-ring performers among women in WWE history, but being in WWE for over a decade and becoming pretty big stars with her sister Nikki is a tremendous accomplishment. I also won’t miss the damn Brie mode song!

As for Nikki Bella, she might keep wrestling although there’s no indication of when she might return to the ring. She has had neck surgeries in the past, so the days of her wrestling full time are over.