WWE News: WWE Confidential Added to WWE Network – 34 Episodes from May 2002 to March 2003

There’s been another content dump on WWE Network this week with the former Saturday night show known as WWE Confidential being added to WWE’s streaming service. They have uploaded the first 34 episodes of the series with each episode running around 40 minutes. From

In the early 2000s, when WWE’s behind the scenes and Superstars were kept close to the vest, WWE Confidential was a groundbreaking show that gave more insight than ever before into the sports-entertainment industry. Hosted by the late, great “Mean” Gene Okerlund, WWE Confidential brings you exclusive interviews, analysis, and reporting of Superstars like Shawn Michaels, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and more. Get comfortable, and start watching more than 30 episodes now, exclusively on WWE Network.

Here’s a rundown of the 34 episodes that were released today. Thanks to WWENetworkNews for the info:

05/25/2002 – Confidential 01 [Duration: 40:39]
On the premiere edition of WWE Confidential, Shawn Michaels comes clean about his involvement in one of the most controversial moments in WWE history, as The Heartbreak Kid’s life is examined. Plus, Trish Stratus takes the WWE Universe on a tour of her luxurious home!

06/01/2002 – Confidential 02 [Duration: 36:00]
The tumultuous career and troubled personal life of ‘The British Bulldog’ Davey Boy Smith are brought to light by those who knew him best. The in-depth look into who Shawn Michaels really is continues. Plus, see what Spike Dudley was like before becoming a WWE Superstar!

06/08/2002 – Confidential 03 [Duration: 39:48]
The controversy surrounding the winners of Tough Enough II continues, as WWE Confidential examines the shocking results in the featured cover story. After achieving success in Hollywood, The Rock addresses his future. The WWE Divas go on an unusual shopping spree.

06/15/2002 – Confidential 04 [Duration: 41:06]
With the WWE Universe remaining stunned after Stone Cold Steve Austin’s unexpected departure from the company, WWE Confidential examines the ‘Stone Cold Truth’ behind Austin’s controversial walkout. Plus, a special look at Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan and more!

06/22/2002 – Confidential 05 [Duration: 39:59]
With a devastating injury leaving Diamond Dallas Page at an unexpected crossroads regarding his in-ring future, WWE Confidential takes a look at DDP’s remarkable career. Plus, Eddie Guerrero and Rob Van Dam compare their finishing moves, Stacy Keibler’s life before becoming a Superstar is on display, and much more!

06/29/2002 – Confidential 06 [Duration: 40:51]
Go behind-the-scenes of the brutal and controversial battle between Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon from King of the Ring 2001 on this edition of WWE Confidential. Plus, the highest-rated segment in RAW history is revisited, William Regal’s early career is on display, and much more!

07/13/2002 – Confidential 07 [Duration: 36:46]
The WWE Universe is given a chance to relive the life and times of Jimmy Snuka, as WWE Confidential takes an in-depth look at the man known the world over as ‘Superfly’. Torrie Wilson’s rise to Superstardom in WWE is examined in part one of a two-part feature.

07/20/2002 – Confidential 08 [Duration: 31:02]
In the aftermath of Eric Bischoff’s shocking debut as the new General Manager of Monday Night RAW, WWE Confidential takes an in-depth look at the mastermind behind WCW’s rise to prominence and sworn enemy of Mr. McMahon. Plus, the continuation of the feature on Torrie Wilson’s rise to Superstardom, a look at Christopher Nowinski, and more!

07/27/2002 – Confidential 09 [Duration: 41:28]
As a 3rd generation Superstar, Randy Orton has a lot to live up to, and this edition of WWE Confidential examines the legacy of the man who would eventually become known as The Viper. Plus, a special look at how Rob Van Dam became one of a kind, D-Generation X revisits their invasion of WCW, and more!

08/03/2002 – Confidential 10 [Duration: 41:33]
The demise of World Championship Wrestling is examined and relived by those who had firsthand experiences with the once fierce competitor of WWE. Edge and Christian journey back to their roots to give the WWE Universe a perspective on their beginnings. Plus, Booker T gives a tour of his home, Rhyno shares some insight into his neck injury, and more!

08/10/2002 – Confidential 11 [Duration: 38:26]
From surviving a near death experience on the streets of San Francisco, to entertaining millions the world over, Rikishi sits down to discuss the trials and tribulations of his life on this edition of WWE Confidential. Plus, one of WWE’s oldest fans shares her story, Molly Holly revisits her time before becoming a WWE Superstar, and more!

08/17/2002 – Confidential 12 [Duration: 38:50]
Go down under with the Superstars of SmackDown, as WWE Confidential cameras follow them during WWE’s Global Warning Tour of Melbourne, Australia. Plus, a special look at Shawn Michaels before becoming a WWE Superstar, The Rock trains for his WWE Title defense against Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam, and more!

08/24/2002 – Confidential 13 [Duration: 40:43]
From humble beginnings on a dairy farm in South Dakota, to becoming The Next Big Thing in WWE, Brock Lesnar gives the WWE Universe a rare look into the past that helped mold him into one of the most decorated athletes of all time. Plus, Rikishi’s most valuable asset is on display, Booker T visits the Houston Astros, and more!

09/07/2002 – Confidential 14 [Duration: 36:00]
Not long after bursting on the scene with a display of ruthless aggression, John Cena and his outrageous antics become the focal point of this edition of WWE Confidential. Plus, an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Brock Lesnar’s WWE Championship victory over The Rock at SummerSlam 2002 and much more!

09/14/2002 – Confidential 15 [Duration: 34:22]
In an era of ruthless aggression, the controversy surrounding the recent wedding of Billy and Chuck, and Eric Bischoff’s HLA is highlighted on this edition of WWE Confidential. Plus, the legacy of the World Heavyweight Championship is examined, Torrie Wilson tours London, and more!

09/21/2002 – Confidential 16 [Duration: 39:18]
Kurt Angle returns to the setting of his early days training for the Olympics to give the WWE Universe a special look at his journey towards gold. Plus, revisit some of the craziest stipulations to take place in WWE, Booker T films a commercial, and much more!

10/05/2002 – Confidential 17 [Duration: 38:16]
WWE Confidential takes a special behind-the-scenes look at the man who helped turn the beautiful women of WWE into some fierce competitors. Plus, Rob Van Dam toys around, Booker T spends some time with a famous friend, and much more!

10/12/2002 – Confidential 18 [Duration: 38:37]
The risks that the Superstars of WWE take and the injuries that they endure on a nightly basis are examined in a special look at what it takes to compete inside the squared circle. Victoria shares some insight into her journey to becoming a WWE Superstar. All this and much more!

10/19/2002 – Confidential 19 [Duration: 34:38]
With the coveted Intercontinental Championship being retired on Monday Night RAW, this edition of WWE Confidential examines the legacy behind the title that was earned by so many legendary competitors. Plus, Booker T’s Spin-a-Rooney goes global, a special look at WWE’s relationship with Saliva, and more!

10/26/2002 – Confidential 20 [Duration: 38:25]
The early season woes of Tough Enough III are on display, as WWE Confidential takes a look at the issues surrounding the show’s production. Plus, various Superstars prepare for Halloween, Eric Bischoff gives insight into to the Elimination Chamber, and more!

11/09/2002 – Confidential 21 [Duration: 36:51]
Discover why the flamboyant Rico Constantino dedicated his life to protecting his fellow citizens prior to becoming a WWE Superstar in the featured story. Plus, a look at Shawn Michaels’ entrance music, Bubba Ray Dudley and Bradshaw face off in charity golf tournament, and much more!

11/16/2002 – Confidential 22 [Duration: 34:13]
WWE Confidential catches up with the notoriously controversial Scott Steiner for a special interview to gain insight into the free agent status of the man known around the world as Big Poppa Pump. Kurt Angle gives everyone an exclusive inside look into the Kurt Angle Classic. All this and much more!

11/23/2002 – Confidential 23 [Duration: 30:20]
After making a hellish debut at Survivor Series, the Elimination Chamber and the effects it had on the Superstars who battled inside the evil structure are examined. Plus, Kurt Angle takes a few lucky contestants on a shopping spree, a look back a wedding that didn’t go as planned, and more!

12/07/2002 – Confidential 24 [Duration: 34:06]
WWE Confidential cameras join Test to capture his experiences during a tour of India. Brock Lesnar tries his luck officiating a football game. Plus, Eric Bischoff shares his thought on his entrance music, Bradshaw drops financial knowledge, and much more!

12/14/2002 – Confidential 25 [Duration: 29:43]
A day that changed the course of professional wrestling forever is revisited, as Ric Flair sits down to discuss the plane crash that nearly took his life and took his career in a different direction. Plus, Fozzy films a music video, a behind-the-scenes look at the set of The Rock’s new movie, and much more!

01/04/2003 – Confidential 26 [Duration: 37:03]
The WWE Universe is given the royal treatment, as Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler takes everyone on a tour of his castle in Memphis, Tennessee. Tazz shares some insight into his youth and how his childhood experiences helped prepare him for becoming a WWE Superstar. Plus, Jim Ross opens up about his legendary connection with the University of Oklahoma!

01/11/2003 – Confidential 27 [Duration: 41:35]
The enduring legacy of the original Four Horsemen is celebrated with a special look at how the group’s overwhelming popularity helped change the landscape of the wrestling industry forever. Plus, the Edge-Cam journeys to the site of WrestleMania XIX, a tribute to Owen Hart, and more!

01/18/2003 – Confidential 28 [Duration: 34:52]
WWE Confidential goes behind-the-scenes to take a special look at the 10th Anniversary of Monday Night RAW. Pat Patterson sits down to give some rare insight into the history of the Royal Rumble. Plus, Superstars comment on a fantasy match between two large competitors, cameras catch up with Booker T’s biggest fan, and more!

02/01/2003 – Confidential 29 [Duration: 33:24]
The emotional season finale of Tough Enough III is revisited in a special behind-the-scenes look at the night that created two new Superstars. WWE Confidential journeys to the far east to witness WWE’s tour of Korea and Japan. All this and much more!

02/08/2003 – Confidential 30 [Duration: 34:29]
The inside story into Tough Enough III’s most controversial moment involving Bob Holly and Matt Cappotelli is examined. Classy Freddie Blassie is celebrated with a tribute to his legendary career. The tumultuous history between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Eric Bischoff is highlighted.

02/22/2003 – Confidential 31 [Duration: 37:21]
In the recent aftermath of Curt Hennig’s untimely passing, WWE Confidential pays tribute to the life and legacy of the man known to millions of fans as Mr. Perfect in a very special look at his memorable career.

03/01/2003 – Confidential 32 [Duration: 37:17]
As Torrie Wilson’s popular Playboy pictorial continues to sizzle, WWE Confidential examines the successful relationship between WWE and Hugh Hefner’s empire. Plus, Christian shares his WrestleMania memories, Big Show shoots a commercial, and much more!

03/08/2003 – Confidential 33 [Duration: 30:05]
WWE Confidential goes behind-the-scenes for a special look at Trish Stratus’ appearance on MadTV. Edge shares some insight on an injury that could cost him his in-ring career. Plus, Rob Van Dam revisits his first WrestleMania as a fan, Nathan Jones’ dark past is examined, and more!

03/22/2003 – Confidential 34 [Duration: 38:29]
With WrestleMania XIX on the horizon, WWE Confidential takes a very special look at the incredible legacy of the Showcase of the Immortals, featuring interviews and highlights of WrestleMania’s past.