WWE Network Adds New “Sharing” Guidelines

With a plethora of new content being introduced to WWE Network — including collections for both The Rock and Chyna — WWE appears to be cracking down on account sharing. Earlier this month, it was confirmed that the service would only work on one account at a time — thus putting a damper on users who share their account with friends and family. In the updated private policy, the Network states that any user caught circumventing the anti-sharing policy is not only subject to their account being terminated, but also potential legal action. During a recent conference call, WWE’s Chief Financial Officer George Barrios stated that it’s merely a minor alteration to the policy and he does not anticipate revenue slipping due to the change. WWE announced a subscription total at 1.8 million users for the Network during the call.

Additionally, the company surveyed fans as they gauged interest in a potential upgradeable service on the Network. For $14.99 a month, subscribers would be able to watch both Raw and SmackDown the day after they air on television — currently fans must wait one month before replays are available to be streamed. Without any immediate changes in the works, this is merely a talking point for WWE as deal restructurings with both Hulu and USA Network would be needed for this to be possible.

Analysis: I have to give credit to WWE because I initially believed the $9.99 price tag for such a phenomenal service would never last. I, like many others, believed the minuscule charge was simply a roping-in tactic, and a spike would happen fairly quickly. This premium service would be a perfect addition, as it would allow those interested in paying more for a special perk to receive it, while allowing everyone else to remain where they are now.

As a subscriber to the Network who has never shared his password, the anti-sharing policy change does not effect me, but it seems a bit harsh on WWE’s end. I understand they want as many subscribers as they can get, and they believe this policy will curb sharing across a high number of users, but it does nothing but anger users who do share, while leaving the unaffected ambivalent.

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