WWE Network Adds “Hidden Gems” Content Today (Austin, Flair, Hart, Austin, Undertaker, Thesz & More)

There was an interesting batch of new content added to WWE Network today. It’s called “WWE Hidden Gems” and you can find it in the “Collections” section of WWE Network.

Here’s a synopsis of it from WWE Network News.

Journey deep into the archives, and dust off these Hidden Gems in a collection available only on WWE Network. Whether it’s Lou Thesz facing Ray Gunkel from the 1950s, or Bret Hart taking on Terry Funk in a rare ECW match, this collection has a little something for everyone. From the early days with Gorilla Monsoon, Gene Kiniski, and Andre The Giant, to modern day rarities with Seth Rollins, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and more, experience a potpourri of forgotten classics.

What matches and segments are there? Here are those details from WWE Network News again.

05/30/1951 – Texas Rasslin’: Thesz vs Gunkel
Journey back in time to see Lou Thesz defend the NWA World Heavyweight Championship against Ray Gunkel in a 2-Out-of-3 Falls Match.

09/23/1964 – Gagne-Metrics
Learn a different way to get in shape and feel great with Gagne-Metrics, courtesy of the Verne Gagne Foundation for Physical Fitness.

03/16/1961 – Gino ‘Gorilla Monsoon’ Marella
The dominance of the late Gorilla Monsoon is on display in this hidden gem, as Dave Ruhl tries to defeat Gino Marella for a monetary prize.

02/11/1969 – NWA Title: Funk Jr. vs Kiniski
Witness Dory Funk Jr. establish his legacy when he battles the legendary Gene Kiniski for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

01/12/1976 – Andre The Giant Feat Of Strength
Discover why Andre The Giant earned the moniker of The Eighth Wonder of The World through these impressive Feats of Strength.

06/12/1976 – McMahon Interviews Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali uses his extraordinary charisma to show his determination to dominate the wrestling world in an interview with Vince McMahon.

07/07/1982 – Roddy Piper vs Jack Brisco
Will the dirty and underhanded tactics of Roddy Piper cost him when he challenges Jack Brisco for the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship?

09/22/1980 – Champs Collide: Race vs Backlund
Styles clash when NWA World Heavyweight Champion Harley Race collides with WWE Champion Bob Backlund to see who is the Undisputed Champion.

10/23/1983 – The Last Battle Of Atlanta
In this historic confrontation, Buzz Sawyer and Tommy Rich battle inside a Steel Cage while Paul Ellering is confined to a cell of his own.

01/20/1987 – Ric Flair vs Barry Windham
The allure of championship gold leads Barry Windham to push Ric Flair to the limit in this classic bout for the NWA World Heavyweight Title.

08/19/1995 – Brothers Of Destruction
Before waging war with Kane in WWE, The Undertaker traveled to Smoky Mountain Wrestling to go one-on-one with Unabomb.

09/14/1996 – South Africa: Austin vs Bret
Far from their battle at Survivor Series ’96, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bret Hart lock up in this rarely seen encounter from South Africa.

09/11/1997 – ECW: Bret Hart vs Terry Funk
Go beyond the mat to relive the first of many ‘Retirement Matches’ for Terry Funk when he faces off against WWE Champion Bret Hart.

10/11/2000 – Samoa Joe vs William Regal
In a sign of things to come, Triple H travels to Ultimate Pro Wrestling to witness William Regal face future NXT Champion, Samoa Joe.

04/29/2012 – FCW Champion: Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins proves he has the heart of a champion early in his career by defending the Florida Heavyweight Title against Kassius Ohno.

That’s a pretty interesting list of content there. I haven’t seen the majority of those, so I’ll be diving into them soon I’m sure.

Here’s a trailer offering a preview of what WWE has made available.