WWE: Natalya Explains Absence And Talks About Return

November 11th 2015 was the last time WWE Diva Natalya was seen on WWE television. She was in the early days of a feud with Team BAD when suddenly she disappeared from our screens. At last night’s NXT Kids taping from Full Sail University, Natalya returned and faced Becky Lynch in her first match back.

Not long after the match, Natalya posted on her Instagram that the reason why she left so suddenly was because of an undisclosed injury, her first major injury in an eleven year career. She also states that she’s been having physical therapy for the past two months in order to get her back to the ring. Below is her Instagram post.

As you can see, Natalya doesn’t comment on if and when she’ll be part of the main roster again, but that’s up for creative to decide too.

Ski’s Take – As she basically wrote, wrestling is in her blood. From her grandfather, father, uncles and husband – wrestling is everything to her. It’s been said before that she wanted to take women’s wrestling out of the doldrums and back to being respected. It must have hurt so much to not be a part of the “Divas Revolution” that she desperately wanted to make.

As she most eloquently put, when you fall down, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and just keep going. And she most certainly has. She doesn’t sound bitter and she’s genuinely looking forward to the future. I hope that Nattie will finally put her stamp on the Divas division. She may not have started the revolution, but she can leave her mark on it.