WWE Name Change News: “The Viking Experience” Are Now “The Viking Raiders”

When the WWE Superstar Shake-up took place last week, one of the things that fans hated the most was the name change for the War Raiders tag team when they showed up on Raw. Instead of the War Raiders, they were called The Viking Experience.

The good news is that name is already gone because PWInsider’s Mike Johnson is reporting that the duo of Erik and Ivar (formerly Rowe and Hanson) will now be called The Viking Raiders.

If you go to and the photo gallery of last week’s match on Raw, it says “The Viking Raiders” on it.

This name is better than the Viking Experience, so it will probably lead to less complaining from fans. I think it should still be the War Raiders, but WWE may not have wanted the “War” part of the name on the main roster.

The Viking Raiders team are also the current NXT Tag Team Champions, so they will probably lose those titles soon.