WWE: Lana Expected To Miss 4 Months With Wrist Injury

At a WWE Live event in Fairfax, VA Lana suffered a wrist injury while doing some in-ring training before the doors had opened. The extent of the injury has been revealed on by resident company doctor Scott Amann, and it’s not very good.

During a training session [Sunday] afternoon, Lana had sustained an injury in the ring. We attended to her and noticed that she had a deformity of her wrist. We obtained X-rays which showed a Colles’ fracture and [we put her] in a splint. Most of these Colles’ fractures do better surgically than non-surgically, especially in younger patients. Most likely this will require an operation, which will take her out of active competition for approximately four months

Lawn also commented on her injury in an Instagram post which you can read embedded below.

Do I expect Lana to be off TV for four straight months? Absolutely not, she’s heavily integrated into the Ziggler/Rusev feud that is oh so lighting the world on fire. WWE will most likely find a resolution to that storyline quicker than expected however so Lana can take some time off and rest. Injuries happen and are nothing to find joy in, but there is the silver lining that both Ziggler and Rusev will potentially have this awful feud put to rest so each competitor can get back to less silly endeavors.

Nevertheless, we here at TJRWrestling wish Lana a speedy recovery; she is a fantastic hard-working performer.