WWE: Jerry Lawler Reveals How Much He Was Paid to Wrestle at WrestleMania 27

Jerry “The King” Lawler has worked for WWE since 1993 mostly as an announcer, but he also wrestled quite a bit too. Aside from missing most of 2001 with the company, he had been featured regularly on television until this year. One of the most surprising things about his WWE run is that he was never booked in a WrestleMania match despite the fact that he was an accomplished wrestler in Memphis before his WWE career. You would have thought that WWE would put him in a WrestleMania match in the mid-90s, but they never did.

In 2011, Lawler was 61 years old and finally got a WrestleMania except it wasn’t against a wrestler. His opponent was fellow announcer Michael Cole, who was doing a heel character at the time and Lawler wanted to shut him up.

On a recent edition of his podcast, Lawler talked about how much he got paid for his only WrestleMania match at WM27 in 2011, which was the awful match with Michael Cole that ended in a Cole “win” even though Lawler really won. Here’s what Lawler said about it:

“My lone WrestleMania match led to my biggest payday ever in the wrestling business. Here’s me, an announcer, having a WrestleMania match with another announcer. In a matter of a few minutes, I got paid $130,000 for that match.”

You can listen to Jerry’s podcast here:…/dinner-with-the-king/e/50613638

Thanks to Reddit for the info.

TJR Thoughts: Nice payday for one of the worst matches ever. I’m not sure if that kind of payday was considered standard for a midcard match at a WrestleMania or maybe he got a little more because Vince McMahon felt like he deserved it after being in WWE for nearly 20 years by that point.

The build to the actual match wasn’t that bad, but then you had to get through the actual match, which was a disaster. They had Stone Cold as the referee to try to help them get through it and it still sucked. At least it paid well!