WWE: Jerry Lawler Expresses Disappointment with the Payback House of Horrors Match

Add Jerry Lawler to the quickly growing list of names that were unimpressed by WWE’s new creation at this past Sunday’s Payback PPV, the House of Horrors (which saw Randy Orton battling Bray Wyatt), as evident from the latest episode of his Dinner with the King podcast. Thanks to WrestlingINC for the transcription.

On The House Of Horrors:

I was so looking forward to the House of Horrors match because I’m such a big horror movie fan. I’m such a fan of these kind of things. I was really, really excited about this.

The WWE, they have the opportunity and they have the people to put together some really great special effects. I guess my problem was I got my expectations up too high. I guess I expected more scary stuff. I’m not scared of baby dolls.”

Rob’s Hot-Take:

Despite being something different and an interesting concept, the match between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt was indeed a misfire. The biggest problem was that promos led viewers to believe that the titular house would consist of horror imagery that represented some of Orton’s darkest fears., but we ended up getting baby dolls hanging from a ceiling that contained no story substance whatsoever. It came across as an incredibly lazy attempt at being spooky.

I know a lot of people really, really hated the match but the concept could work if WWE has a game plan founded on logic and good storytelling. Pre-taping the combat certainly didn’t help and actually removed a lot of suspense and dread from the action, but something like that could have been forgiven if the match was, you know, actually scary.

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