WWE Ignoring AJ Styles TNA Run And His Potential First WWE Feud?

When Kevin Owens entered the Royal Rumble on Sunday night, he instantly made a beeline for AJ Styles and the two had a very heated interaction before Owens eventually threw Styles over the top rope at the Royal Rumble. Reports have come to light saying it was done for a reason.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio show is reporting that the highly physical exchanges Styles and Owens had, and the fact that Owens was the man who ultimately eliminated Styles from the Royal Rumble, are both indications that Owens and Styles will be working a program together in the very near future.

As was seen on last night’s WWE Raw from Miami, Florida, AJ had his first official match on Raw against Chris Jericho. After AJ picked up the victory he extended his hand to Jericho, who after a short pause, accepted the offer of AJ’s handshake, and proceeded to staredown his opponent. Could WWE officials be thinking of using Jericho as AJ’s first feud?

Also since making his debut at the Royal Rumble PPV, the official WWE website has posted a feature article on AJ Styles but have conveniently left out a large chunk of his career by not mentioning any of his TNA accomplishments. You can read the article here but here is a telling excerpt.

“Styles arrives to WWE as a highly skilled veteran with the same agility and desire as that novice grappler who once stared down The Hurricane on WWE Metal. After conquering the independent circuit and Japan, AJ Styles wants to show WWE why he’s so phenomenal. Hold on tight.”

It’s an interesting way of phrasing things!

Ski’s Take – WWE have a history of conveniently forgetting certain talent’s career paths. Samoa Joe and James Storm being a case in point. Both men arrived in NXT and the announcing team left out the TNA part of both of their resumes. So seeing the article on not mention a large portion of AJ’s past doesn’t surprise me. Unless WWE have a working relationship with the company or have bought the company out, they never talk about them. Any fan can instantly search for any wrestler’s past online and fill in the gaps and WWE knows that. They just won’t openly admit it in print or on air because it’s giving TNA publicity.

I gotta admit, when Owens and Styles were going at it in the middle of the ring at the Royal Rumble this past Sunday I immediately and legitimately got excited about the short term future for AJ. A Wrestlemania feud with Owens could be gold for both men. It will highlight just how good they are and show the company that they could be ready for bigger and better things.

And then watching Raw and seeing Jericho act just a tad heelish towards AJ at the culmination of their match made me think that seeing a full blown heel Y2J against The Phenomenal One could be one hell of a feud.

People that know me, know I can be a bit greedy. And in this case I want to be really greedy. Put all three together and watch sparks fly my friends!