WWE Hell In A Cell 2015 Card Update After Raw

We still have two weeks left to go until WWE Hell In A Cell emanates live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, but the match card is beginning to materialize. Below is what has been officially confirmed.

Hell In A Cell: The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar

Hell In A Cell: Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt

WWE Championship: (c) Seth Rollins vs Kane – if Demon Kane is unsuccessful in capturing the title, then Corporate Kane will be relieved of his duties

WWE Tag Team Championships: (c) The New Day vs The Dudley Boyz

WWE Divas Championship: (c) Charlotte vs Nikki Bella

Now for some quick thoughts and educated guesses on what other matches could take place.

The stipulation regarding Kane is obviously just there to make a pretty bland match the tiniest bit more exciting. It’s honestly not working; this angle is terrible no matter how good the acting from Kane is portraying split personalities. WWE is attempting to sway audiences into believing that Kane has a shot at winning, and failing miserably.

A rematch for the Tag Titles makes sense considering there hasn’t been one clean finish in this feud yet, however I still expect that by the time the PPV rolls around this will be a Tables Match.

Also on Raw, Ziggler may have inadvertently started a feud with Cena by accidentally giving him a Super Kick when coming to his aid during a beatdown from The New Day. All we really know for sure is that Cena will be taking time off after the PPV for personal reasons, so it’s not out of the question that he will lose his United States Championship if this match takes place.

There is also speculation that Sasha Banks will be added to the Divas Championship match, however we are still awaiting official confirmation.

Ryback will also most likely get another shot at Kevin Owens’ Intercontinental Championship, as there hasn’t been a proper rematch with a clean finish yet, and the two are still feuding.

Despite how lackluster in quality WWE television has been lately, the card actually isn’t terrible. It does have a few rematches on it (and even more will probably be added) but the HIAC matches should prove to be fun, as will Ziggler and Cena squaring off. There may even be some title changes, which is always exciting. Kane wrestling for the WWE Championship in 2015 is pretty weak, especially when you consider Rollins’ previous opponent was the legendary Sting, but the rest of the card ranges from decent to good.